Free Music Event 17 September

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Just how important is the role of music in the therapeutic treatment of people who have ben touched by a host of mental health issues , including anxiety, depression and PTSD?
The combined Rotary Clubs of Cooroy, Noosa Heads, Eumundi , Noosa Daybreak & Noosa , under the banner of Rotarians 4 Mental Health have been actively seeking answers to this question and all of the available research has shown that music is undoubtably a potential pathway for an improved level of wellness and mental fitness. With a campaign that is aimed at getting people to ‘ Don’t Bottle it Up’ this initiative has seen the group plan a major free community music event to be held at Noosaville Lions Park from 10am to 4.30pm on Saturday 17 September, where talented local musicians will be on stage to highlight the positive impact that music has on the human spirit and soul.

During the 70’s , a leading British neurologist, Dr Oliver Sacks was researching the way that music can improve wellness and the role of how music can directly influence the brain and create a decided improvement in mental health . Dr Sacks made this quote that is quite meaningful : “ Music implants itself in the brain deeper than any other human experience . Music brings back the feeling of life when nothing else can “

With this a focus the Rotarians 4 Mental Health group decided that by allowing the public to listen to music , played by 8 local groups , that the day will reinforce the message of reach out and speak up so as to not suffer in silence. Bob Birkhead, member of Noosa Heads Rotary Club and chair of the organising committee added” “ We are aware of the extent of mental health issues on the Sunshine Coast and by holding this day we hope that people touched by the range of mental health issues can see how the love of music , whatever the genre may be, can and does have a very positive impact on just how we feel. “

One of the groups appearing on the day is a very talented group of young people with a band called ‘ Ampersand ‘. This band were recent winners of the best band section of the Noosa Busking Championships.

Jarrod Tutbury is the 18 year keyboard player of the band and observed “ As a musician , I have seen firsthand the positive impact that playing and listening to music has on mental health. Playing music as a group activity helps to build strong relationships and support networks. Asa young male adult , I strongly believe in the importance of people, especially young males , reaching out when impacted by mental health issues. The old “ toughen up “ and ‘ bottle it up “ ways of coping that young men are traditionally taught only cause more problems for them and society “

Many entertainers over the years have expressed views on the importance of music in their lives and the positive impact it has on the soul. Country music legend, Willie Nelson said “ People are people, they laugh, they cry, feel & love and music seems to be the common denominator that brings it all together – music cuts through all the boundaries and goes right to the soul “

There is so much positivity about just how music , whether it be playing, singing , listening can bring a sense of relaxation and a general feeling of wellness with so many research studies and examples of the impact of music on the soul showing it is certainly way forward.

Another group performing on the day is the iconic Noosa legend, Barry Charles with his 4 piece band. Barry is universally known having performed in the UK, Europe and Jamaica, but Barry’s love of this part of the world sees him performing at many venues across the Sunshine Coast. Barry willingly said he would perform at this event and said “ I have always known the healing &comfortably rewarding pleasure that live music brings to people – so I am very happy to have been invited to perform at this years Rotary Clubs event ‘ Don’t Bottle it Up ‘ – hope to see you there so we can all make this a wonderful & memorable day for this fantastic mental health initiative “

Apart from Ampersand & the iconic Barry Charles , the following artists have all agreed to participate Envyy, Jack Raymond, Summer Jade, STAPLE, & Yeah the Girls in what is going to be a great day of entretainmentwhilst enabling Rotary to continue to spread the message about awareness – education – knowledge – support and potential pathways for recovery through this campaign of getting people to reach out , speak up and to not suffer in silence

On the day Rotary members will be holding a sausage sizzle and conducting some raffles that will assist the campaign going forward. Donations to assist can also be made through an Eventbrite link

Come on down to the beautiful Noosa River for a free family day and listen to the talents that we have in this area

 Don't Bottle It Up Conference


In “Don’t Bottle it Up” we lift the lid on PTS and explore the pathways to life-long mental fitness

About this event

Einstein apparently said once of a tree having fallen in a forest; "Just because no one is in the forest to hear the tree fall, does not mean a tree has not fallen". Likewise, just because we are unaware of PTS or for that matter some other entanglement of the mind does not mean such issues do not exist. In fact, experts estimate that as many as one in every four people suffer from some form of mental illness at some time is in their lives.

So that means we are all of us touched by mental illness in someway or another.

Lets ask a few tough questions;

Just why do some people suffer PTS and others do not?
Why is it that some children seem to inherit anxiety and depression?
How do people acquire dementia, does it trigger traumatic memories and is there a cure?
How do I recognize PTS and what should I do about it?
Do only veterans suffer Post Traumatic Stress
Is suicide an issue in our community and what is being done about it?
In “Don’t Bottle it Up” we hope not only to lift the lid on self-awareness and self-empowerment but also highlight the incredible growth opportunity that almost always hides in the shadows of extreme adversity. Our keynote speakers will help to shed light on the big issues help shed light on strategies for recovery and lifelong resilience.

Keynote speaker, Prof Jim Lagopoulos

Executive Director USC- mind and neuroscience -Thompson Institute

Jim is an internationally recognised expert in neuroimaging and has established three Australian research centres that explore innovative approaches to brain health.

Jim is passionate about translating research discoveries into real-word treatments. His research delves into novel approaches to mental health, with a focus on:

suicide prevention
youth mental health
healthy brain ageing
post-traumatic stress disorder.
As a researcher, Jim has published more than 350 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious international journals (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Alzheimer’s and Dementia and Progress in Neurobiology) with more than 10,000 citations. Before the USC got busy our region suffered some of the highest suicide rates. Find out what they are doing at USC and how it can change the world for so many.

Keynote speaker; Kevin Shadbolt OAM,

Chairman -Australian Rotary Health

Rotary never shies aware from a challenge and have demonstrated successes in all matter of humanitarian health projects, not the least of which is our ongoing commitment in the eradication of infectious diseases such as Polio and Malaria.

Australian Rotary Health supports numerous research projects, scholarships and PHD candidates across the nation. ARH is also a major supporter of mental wellness including a new PhD research project aiming to equip schoolteachers with evidence-based strategies to tackle mental health problems in the classroom. ARH is a major source of knowledge and awareness PTSD and mental health.

Kevin Shadbolt is a long standing

Director of Australian Rotary Health

Kevin joined the Rotary Club of Latrobe, Tasmania, in 1985, he is a Past President and is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Devonport. He is Past District Governor of District 9830 in both 2003-04 and 2007-08. Kevin was a Foundation Chairman, District Trainer and Group Study Exchange Chairman.

He initiated District involvement in Fiji low-cost Shelters as well as leading the project work the District has undertaken in Nepal since 2011. Kevin has served on a wide variety of club and District committees.

Keynote speaker, Tim Keeler AM

Rotary District 9620 Governor 2022-23

Tim joined Rotary in 2004 with the Rotary Club of Hamilton North in District 9780 and served as Corporal and as the club RYLA representative. After transferring to Queensland, he attended meetings in both Toowoomba and Gladstone, before joining the Rotary Club of Logan in 2009. It may be of interest to note that he was appointed to the District RYDA committee and the Logan Rotary Board prior to being inducted into the club.

Tim has served twice as President and has received three PHFs, He is a member of the Paul Harris Society and has received the RI Club Builder award. In 2013-14 he was awarded Rotarian of the Year and has served on the District Leadership Team for ten out of the last eleven years, as an Assistant Governor, PR & Marketing Director and he now commences his fifth year as Membership Director. He is currently Chair of District 9600 Conference Committee.

Keynote speaker, Tony Dell

CEO and founder Stand Tall for PTS

Australia's only living Test cricketer to have served in armed combat, the twice-capped former fast bowler was barely out of his teens when he was sent to the jungles of South-East Asia.

More than half a century on, Tony Dell has shed the nightmares and the flashbacks and the night sweats having found methods to cope, to compartmentalise his trauma, although there are times when his body betrays his mind.

Dell lived with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)since his service in the Vietnam War, ( undiagnosed for four decades).

Subsequently, it has become his life's work, through his not-for-profit, 'Stand Tall for PTS' to spare others from the uncertainty or shame or whatever emotions they are feeling in the wake of various mental trauma; be they military, first responders, victims of crime, accidents, natural disasters, domestic violence, COVID or other.

Keynote speaker, Angie Weeks

CEO and head trainer, PTDS dog Australia.

Angie is an accredited Dog Behaviorist with specialty in Assistance Dogs. Angie, identifies strongly with social responsibility and believes that both individuals and corporations are accountable for making the world a better place and that it starts with our personal actions as an Individual. These actions must benefit the whole of society.

PTSD Dog’s Australia is a Not For Profit Charity solely dedicated to the rescuing, re-homing and training of suitable displaced and unwanted dogs to support and assist Australia’s First Responders (Fire, Police Ambulance) and the Australian Defence Force (A.D.F) Air Force, Army and Navy suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) both current and retired.

PTSD Dog’s Australia also provides personalised / group training and Assistance Dog Certification for people who already own a dog considered appropriate as a PTSD Certified Assistance Dog.

Keynote Speaker – Melanie Eager

Wellbeing and Peak Performance Specialist

Buteyko Breathing/Oxygen Advantage Instructor, Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Holistic Cancer Coach. Melanie spent over 20 years working in the corporate health and medical world before starting her own health and wellbeing business in 2015.

Passionate about healthy communities, Melanie has been running the Sunshine Coast Holistic Health group since 2017 and brings together like minded people from all over the coast and beyond.

Having walked her own mental health journey in 2016, Melanie has a great understanding of what else is out there to support people on this path and how finding and connecting with networks and likeminded people is the key to success in this area.

Keynote Speaker – Simon Eager

Motivation & Mindset Life Coach

Simon is a 30-year law enforcement professional with 15 years’ service in a UK Police Force, and a further 15 years here in Australia with the RSPCA as an Inspector, and then Chief Inspector of WA. He concluded his service in Local Government Regulatory Services here in Qld.

After serving most of his life as a front line first responder he was diagnosed with PTSD in 2021. Simon has embarked on the next phase of his career as a Life Coach. His mission focusses on:

• Those transitioning from Military or First Responder service to civilian life

• To raise awareness that the past isn’t a prison sentence

• To encourage men to speak up

• To shine a light on the ‘stigma’ attached to mental health and work towards removing it

• To encourage everyone’s ‘ownership’ of our community

Simon is passionate about making a real ‘boots on the ground’ difference to peoples lives by empowering them to see their own potential and the value of community.

Keynote speaker, Clare Stewart

Mayor Noosa Council

Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, and keynote speaker, Clare is a passionate advocate for Noosa. She believes this community deserves a council with a vision for the future that offers a true voice to Noosa residents and business and is totally committed to this mission.

Her personal and business life is one of success through overcoming adversity.

About this event

People from all over the nation and the world come to our community for peace of mind and lifestyle, and yet beneath the surface we have experienced some of the highest rates PTS, anxiety and depression leading toward suicide in the country.

Better together, the “Don’t Bottle It up” Noosa conversation serves to actualize our objectives of lasting community based solutions through the conduit of “awareness, education, knowledge, networking & community driven pathways”

Benefits of “Don’t Bottle It up:

Greater awareness of Rotary Mental Health & fitness
Greater compassion & understanding within the community
Reduce the rate of suicide, including youth suicide
Scope to reduce the levels of self-medicated addictions
A significant reduction in Post-Traumatic Stress, Domestic Violence and other anti-social behaviors within our Community
This is and ideal event to meet and learn from the people really making a difference and help to develop world leading community based solutions accessible to all, building a brighter future.

A snapshot of the people you are likely to meet at this Don't bottle it up event;

Mindfulness experts, young veterans, RSL, mates for mates, Men's shed, Queensland Ambulance services, phycologists, holistic health experts, medical experts, health fitness & wellness experts, first responders, ageing mind experts, researchers, youth services experts, council, state & federal MP's , suicide prevention and intervention experts, researchers and survivors. You might even meet a few dogs that know your thoughts better than you do know yourself

Organisations that may offer support



Beyond Blue
Black Dog Institute
SANE Australia
Young Vets Australia 
Mates 4 Mates
DVA Open Arms 
Quest for Life
Stand Tall for PTS
Men's Shed
Salvation Army
St Vincent de Paul
Open Arms

Hayden Trask from Noosa Pirates said it was an honour to be a part of the Rotary initiative.
Mental health and PTSD has touched so many people in today’s society and has touched me personally, as well as those close to me,” Hayden said.

Will Christie of the Dolphins said, “Playing at the Dolphins provides excellent opportunities for further progress on the field, but also off the field in regards to our player welfare program, which looks after our players in so many ways.”

Corey Dodson of Lions said, “One of the things that soccer has given me is the friendship you get from mates on the pitch. My mates at the Lions have helped me so much when an issue that impacted my life happened.” 

Noosa Tigers captain Aaron Laskey said, “It makes me proud to be a member of the Tigers footy team, and the plans from our club to build the mental health hub that will help everybody in the communityOur footy club is to be commended for doing this.”

DON'T BOTTLE IT UP is a combined project of the Noosa, Noosa Heads, Noosa Daybreak, Eumundi and Cooroy Rotary Clubs driven initiative, Rotarians 4 Mental Health, is aimed at encouraging people touched by mental health issues to reach out, speak up and seek assistance.