Cooroy Rotary Donation to Shelterbox Turkyie Appeal
Cooroy Rotary Shelterbox

Cooroy Rotary is supporting Shelterbox with a donation of $1,000 to assist with emergency aid and essentials that people need to begin rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a disaster.
Every disaster is different and so is every community, so Shelterbox spend time with those affected to make sure they can offer the right support at the right time to help them recover. ShelterBoxes are a sturdy green container to include family-sized tents specially designed to withstand the elements and provide people with temporary shelter until they are able to start the process of rebuilding a home. They contain all of the essential tools people need to start repairing and rebuilding homes straight away. That’s not all. A home is much more than bricks and mortar or tarpaulin and tent pegs, Shelterboxes contain the items that help transform shelter into a home, like cooking sets, solar lights and activity sets for children.
If you should like to help our efforts donations will be gratefully received

Shelterbox to Turkyie